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Magento 2.0 dev 66

magento 2.0 dev66

Hová is lenne a világ Magento 2.0 dev verzió frissítés nélkül:

  • GitHub requests:
    • Fixed a typo in "Vorarlberg" region of Austria (was Voralberg)
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed an issue with the "Add to Cart" button on the MAP popup of compound products
    • Fixed an issue where the "Add Address" button for Customer in Admin was broken
    • Fixed an issue where predefined data are not loaded for a newsletter when it is added to a queue
  • Indexer implementation:
    • Implemented a new optimized Catalog Category Product Indexer
    • Implemented a new optimized Catalog Category Flat Indexer
    • Implemented a new optimized Catalog Product Flat Indexer
  • Modularity improvements:
    • Moved all Configurable Product functionality to a newly created ConfigurableProduct module
    • Moved the Shortcut Buttons abstraction from PayPal to Catalog
    • Moved the Recurring profile functionality to a separate module
    • Moved the Billing Agreements functionality to the PayPal module
    • Finalized the work on resolving dependencies between the Multishipping module, and all other modules. Module can be removed without any impact on the system
  • Customer Service usage:
    • Updated Customer Group Grid to use Customer Service for data retrieving and filtering
    • Updated CustomerMetadataService::getAttributeMetadata to throw an exception if invalid code is provided
  • Unified the format of specifying arguments for class constructors in DI and in Layout configuration:
    • A common xsd schema is being used for defining simple types. Layout and DI customize common types with their specific ones
    • Argument processing is unified, and moved to library

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