2014.01.31. 20:33

Magento 2.0 dev 63

magento 2.0 dev63

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  • Modularity improvements:
    • Consolidated all PayPal-related logic in a separate module
    • Resolved dependencies on the Magento_GroupedProduct module
    • Added the ability to enable/disable/remove the Magento_GroupedProduct module without impact on the system
  • Implemented the Oyejorge Less.php adapter
  • Implemented the Less files importing mechanism
  • Added the ability to configure certain cache frontend, and associate it to multiple cache types, thus avoiding the duplication of cache configuration
  • Implemented the more strict format of array definition in the DI configuration:
    • Covered array definitions with XSD, and made the whole DI configuration validated with XSD
    • Added the ability to define arrays with keys containing invalid XML characters, that was impossible when keys were represented by the node names
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed an issue with missed image for a cron job for the abandoned cart emails
    • Restored the ability to configure cache storage in local.xml
    • Fixed an issue with the css\js merging functionality
    • Fixed an issue with customer selection on the order creation page
  • AppInterface renamed to LauncherInterface
  • Removed the reinit logic from the Config object
  • Framework part of the "URL" functionality removed from modules
  • Framework part of the "Config" functionality removed from modules
  • Removed the deprecated EAV structure creation method from the EAV setup model
  • Updated various PHPDoc with parameter and return types
  • Indexer implementation:
    • Implemented a new indexer structure
  • Refactored Web API Framework to support the Data Object based service interfaces
  • Refactored controllers, blocks and templates of the Sales module to use Customer service
  • GitHub requests:
    • XSS Vulnerability in app/code/core/Mage/CatalogSearch/Block/Result.php
  • Removed the outdated Customer service

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