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Magento 2.0 dev 51

magento 2.0 dev51

Csodálatos hétfő reggel. Magento 2.0 dev51-es verzió.

  • Application areas rework:
    • Single point of access to the current area code
    • Declare Application Areas
  • Various improvements:
    • Breakdown of the Adminhtml module:
      • Moved the Customer-related logic to the Customer module
      • Moved the System-related logic to the Backend module
      • Moved the Checkout-related logic to the Checkout module
      • Moved the Cms-related logic to the Cms module
      • Moved the Promotions-related logic to the CatalogRule and SalesRule modules
    • Eliminated the setNode/getNode methods from Magento\Core\Model\Config and adopted all client code
    • Moved all application bootstrapping behavior to library
    • Moved application-specific behavior from the entry points to the Magento\AppInterface implementations
    • Removed the obsolete behavior from routing and front-controller
    • Refactored the route configuration loading
    • Extracted the modularity support behavior to the Magento\Module component
    • Refactored the Resource configuration loading
    • Removed the obsolete configuration loaders
    • Removed the obsolete configuration from config.xml
    • Refactored the code-generation mechanism
    • Added constructor integrity verification to the Compiler tool
    • Added strict naming rules for the auto-generated Factory and Proxy classes
    • Global functions are now called from app\functions.php
    • Removed functions.php from the Magento\Core module
    • Methods related to mageCoreErrorHandler, string and date were moved from functions.php to the Library components
    • Moved the following methods from Core Helpers to the appropriate libraries:
      • Moved the Abstract Helper to the Magento\Escaper and Magento\Filter libraries
      • Moved the String Helper to the Magento\Filter, Magento\Stdlib\String, Magento\Stdlib\ArrayUtils libraries
      • Moved the Data Helper to the Magento\Math, Magento\Filter, Magento\Convert, Magento\Encryption, Magento\Filesystem libraries and to Magento\Customer\Helper\Data libraries
      • Moved the Http Magento Helper to the Magento\HTTP library
    • The Hint Magento Helper, Http Magento Helper helpers were removed from the Magento\Core module
    • Implemented SOAP faults declaration in WSDL
    • Web API config reader was refactored to use Magento\Config\Reader\Filesystem
    • Created integrations module. Added 'Integrations Grid' and 'New/Edit' Integration pages in the admin
    • Removed obsolete page fragment code
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed inability to create an Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memo if the Sales Archive functionality is enabled
    • Fixed the Minimum Advertised Price link on the Product view
    • Fixed the View Files Population Tool
    • Fixed the error on saving the Google AdWords configuration
    • Fixed the error with the 'Invalid website code requested:' message appearing when enabling payment methods
    • Fixed inability to insert spaces in credit card numbers
    • Fixed inability to print orders from the frontend
    • Fixed the fatal error on removal of reviews that have ratings
    • Fixed JS error with the browser not responding when Virtual/Downloadable product are added to cart
    • Fixed inability to delete a row from the 'Order By SKU' form in Internet Explorer
    • Fixed inability to enable the Use Flat Catalog Product option
    • Fixed inability to configure Grouped and Configurable products during order creation in the backend
    • Fixed inability to insert a widget and/or a banner in CMS pages
    • Fixed inability to set the Quantity value for Gift Cards
    • Fixed the fatal error on the Customer Account > Gift Registry tab in the backend
    • Fixed inability to import with the "Customers Main File" entity type selected
    • Fixed the "Recently Viewed/Compared products" option missing on the New Frontend App Instance page
    • Fixed the fatal error on managing Shopping Cart for a customer with a placed order in the backend
    • Fixed the fatal error on an attempt to create an RMA request for Configurable products
    • Fixed error on the backend dashboard if any value except "Last 24 Hours" is chosen in the "Select Range" dropdown
    • Fixed duplicate values of options in the drop-downs on the RMA pages in the backend

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