2014.03.22. 11:21

Magento 2.0 dev 70

magento 2.0 dev70

A 70-es mérföldkőhöz érkezett a Magento 2 fejlesztése.

  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed an issue where the schedule of recurring payments was not displayed in the shopping cart
    • Fixed an issue with displaying tax class names in the Customer Groups grid
    • Fixed an issue with testing Solr connection
    • Fixed an issue with using custom module front name
    • Fixed an issue with USPS and DHL usage in the production mode
  • Modularity improvements:
    • Consolidated all logic related to Layered Navigation in one separate module
  • Framework Improvements:
    • Covered Magento library components with unit tests:
      • Magento/Interception
      • Magento/ObjectManager
      • Magento/Message
      • Magento/Module
      • Magento/Mail
      • Magento/Object
      • Magento/Math
  • Updated XML files to include a reference to the schema file in a form of a relative path
  • Updated code to be PSR-2 compliant
  • Themes update:
    • LESS styles library added in pub/lib/css/
    • A new Blank theme set as default
  • GitHub requests:
    • Fixed bug, incorrect auto-generation Category URL for some groups of symbols (idish, cirrilic, é, ä, and other).
    • Fixing a bug for loading config from local.xml
    • Params passed in pub/index.php being overwritten
    • Use translates for Quote\Address\Total\Shipping
    • Translation escaping
    • allow _resolveArguments to do sequential lookups
    • Deleted unclosed comment in calendar.css
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed a fatal error that occurred with a dependency in pub/errors/report.php
    • Fixed an issue where code coverage failed for Magento\SalesRule\Model\Rule\Action\Discount\CartFixedTest
    • Fixed an issue where PayPal Express Checkout redirected to the PayPal site even though the Allow Guest Checkout option was set to 'No'
    • Fixed an issue where invalid password reset link was sent when resetting customer password from the backend
    • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to download a previously created backup
    • Fixed a security issue with possibility of a XSS injection in the Integration re-authorization flow
    • Fixed an issue where Billing Agreement cancellation from the backend did not work
    • Fixed an issue with the debug section in the developer settings
    • Fixed the unreliable implementation of the fetching authorization header via SOAP
    • Fixed issues with WSDL generation error reporting
    • Fixed an issue with incorrect order of the Recurring Profile tab in Account Customer on the frontend
    • Fixed an issue when the information about a custom option of the 'File' type was not displayed correctly on the recurring profile page
    • Fixed an issue with editing Product template
    • Fixed an issue with duplicated shipping method options during checkout
    • Fixed an issue where flat indexers were re-indexed in shell when they were disabled
    • Fixed an issue where adding a wrong/nonexistent SKU using 'Order by SKU' from My Account caused a fatal error
    • Fixed an issue with the JS/CSS merging functionality
    • Fixed an issue with static view files publication tool used for the 'production' mode
  • Modularity improvements:
    • Removed the deprecated GoogleCheckout functionality
    • Removed all dependencies on the RecurringPayment module
    • Removed the Sales module dependencies on Customer models/blocks
    • Renamed the RecurringProfile module to RecurringPayment
    • Resolved dependencies between the Email Templates functionality and other modules
    • Moved Core module lib-only depended components to library
    • Moved CSS URL resolving logic from publisher to the separate CSS pre-processor
    • Re-factored the View publisher
  • Framework improvements:
    • Added restrictions on the data populated to the Service Data Object
    • Renamed Data Transfer Object to Service Data Object
    • Updated the view files population tool to support LESS
  • Customer Service usage:
    • Refactored the Tax module to use Customer service layer
    • Refactored Customer module Adminhtml internal controllers and helper to use Customer services
    • Added and updated the Customer service APIs
    • Exposed Customer services as REST APIs
  • Indexer implementation:
    • Implemented a new optimized Product Price Indexer
  • Updated various PHPDoc with the parameter and return types
  • Cache:
    • Implemented depersonalization of private content generation
    • Implemented content invalidation
    • Added Edge Side Includes (ESI) support
    • Added a built-in caching application
  • GitHub requests:
    • Allow to specify list of IPs in a body on maintenance.flag which will be granted access even if the flag is on
    • Mage_ImportExport: Exporting configurable products ignores multiple configurable options
    • Echo vs print
    • Some translation keys are not correct.
    • Retrieve base host URL without path in error processor
    • Missed column 'payment_method' of table 'sales_flat_quote_address'
    • Fix for Issue #278 (Import -> Stores with large amount of Configurable Products)
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed an issue where Mage_Eav_Model_Entity_Type::fetchNewIncrementId() did not rollback on exception
    • Fixed an issue where a category containing more than 1000 products could not be saved
    • Fixed inappropriate error messages displayed during installation when required extensions were not installed
    • Fixed synopsis of the install.php script
    • Fixed an issue where the schedule of recurring payments was not displayed in the shopping cart
  • Modularity improvements:
    • Introduced the OfflinePayments module - a saparate module for offline payment methods
    • Added the ability to enable/disable the Paypal module
    • Moved the framework part of the Locale functionality from the Core module to library
    • The Locale logic was split among appropriate classes in library, according to their responsibilities
    • Removed the deprecated DHL functionality
    • Introduced the OfflineShipping module for offline shipping carrier functionality: Flatrate, Tablerate, Freeshipping, Pickup
    • Introduced a separate module for the DHL shipping carrier
    • Introduced a separate module for the Fedex shipping carrier
    • Introduced a separate module for the UPS shipping carrier
    • Introduced a separate module for the USPS shipping carrier
  • Framework Improvements:
    • Added the ability to intercept internal public calls
    • Added the ability to access public interface of the intercepted object
    • Added a static integrity test for plugin interface validation
    • Added support for both class addressing approaches in DI: with and without slash ("\") at the beginning of a class name
  • Customer Service usage:
    • Refactored the Customer module blocks and controllers to use customer service layer
  • Security:
    • Introduced the ability to hash a password with a random salt of default length (32 chars) by the encryption library
    • Utilized a random salt of default length for admin users, and frontend customers
  • GitHub requests:
    • Translation escaping
    • allow _resolveArguments to do sequential lookups
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed an issue where nonexistent store views flat tables cleanuper dropped the catalog_category_flat_cl table
    • Fixed an issue where the Product Flat Data indexer used the helpers logic instead of the Flat State logic
    • Fixed an issue where an exception was thrown when applying a coupon code
    • Fixed an issue where a Shopping Cart Price Rule was applied to the wrong products
    • Fixed an issue with the broken Related Orders link on the Recurring Profile page
    • Fixed an issue with CMS pages preview not working
    • Fixed an issue with a sales report for a store view returning wrong result
    • Fixed an issue where shipping did not work for orders containing only bundle products
    • Fixed an issue where a custom not found page action did not work
    • Fixed an issue where user configuration for a shopping cart rule to stop further rules processing was ignored
  • Modularity improvements:
    • Resolved dependencies of the Sales module on the RecurringProfile module
    • Resolved dependencies of the Email Templates functionality on application modules
    • Lib-only dependent components of the Core module moved to library
    • CSS URL resolving logic moved from the publisher to a separate CSS pre-processor
    • Refactored the View publisher
  • Customer Service usage:
    • Refactored the Sales module to use Customer service layer
    • Refactored the Checkout module to use Customer service layer
  • Updated various PHPDoc with the parameter and return types

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