2014.01.03. 20:15

Magento 2.0 dev 59

magento 2.0 dev59

Új év, új remények, újabb fejlesztői verzió.

* Fixed bugs:
  * Fixed invalid year in exception log errors
  * Fixed the double-serialization in saving data for shipments
  * Fixed an issue with adding a gift wrapping for multiple items
  * Fixed shipping labels generation for DHL
  * Fixed an issue with lost product price and weight during import
  * Fixed a fatal error when a file reference is added to the HTML head
  * Fixed an issue with printing orders containing downloadable product(s)
  * Fixed an issue with the 'Same as shipping' check box not being selected on the Review Order page for PayPal Express checkout
  * Fixed an issue with Email Templates preview showing a blank page
  * Fixed an issue with a refund creation from the PayPal side
  * Removed the occurrences of the non-existing Mage_Catalog_Model_Resource_Convert resource model
  * Fixed an issue with a coupon usage after applying it with multiple addresses
  * Fixed the Abandoned Cart emails sending
  * Fixed an issue where users with "Reorder" permission could not perform reorder
  * Fixed an issue with adding items from wishlist to the Shopping Cart with quantity increments enabled
  * Fixed an issue with the catalog_url indexer incorrect rewrites history for categories
  * Fixed an issue in saving an integration with a duplicate name
  * Fixed an issue when a customer could see someone's else reviews on the private Account Dashboard
  * Fixed an issue when a "New Theme" page was displayed as broken when trying to create a theme with incorrect "Version" value
  * Fixed an issue in saving an integration with XSS injection in the required fields
  * Fixed an issue with the Mini Shopping Cart when it contained virtual product
  * Fixed an issue in disabling the Shopping Cart sidebar
  * Fixed an issue when the "Adminhtml" cookie was not set when a user logged in to the backend
  * Fixed an issue when the "Persistent_shopping_cart" cookie was not set after customer's login
  * Fixed inability to publish products to Google Shopping
  * Fixed inability to download or revert the backup
  * Fixed inability to create a customer account when placing an order with a downloadable product
* Various improvements:
  * Disabled PHP errors, notices and warnings output in the production mode, to prevent exposing sensitive information

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