2013.12.28. 10:27

Magento 2.0 dev 58

magento 2.0 dev58

Remélem mindenki túlélte az idei karácsonyi rohamot is, így a szilvesztert már egy ropogós dev58-al várhatjuk.

  • Fixed bugs:
    • Security improved for the Login, Update Cart, Add to Compare, Review, and Add entire wishlist actions on the frontend
    • Removed warnings on category pages when Flat Catalog Category is enabled
    • Fixed product price displayed in wrong currency after switching currency on the frontend
    • Fixed the Save & Duplicate action in product creation
    • Fixed big image scaling in product description
    • Fixed admin dashboard styling issue
    • Fixed validation message for the Quantity field on the product page in the backend
    • Fixed the email template for sharing a Wishlist
    • Fixed the response of the drop-down menu in the Plushe theme
    • Fixed the missing Related Banners tab for Catalog Price Rule
    • Fixed inability to enable the duplicated product
    • Removed warnings on saving payment method configuration
    • Fixed gift messages displaying on the Order View page after admin edits
    • Fixed inability to create a new order status
    • Fixed the behavior of the Save and Previous and the Previous buttons on the Edit Review page
    • Fixed inability to delete a website if the number of websites is less or equal to two
    • Fixed Export on the All Customers page
    • Fixed inability to add products to the Shopping Cart from the Category page in Internet Explorer
    • Fixed logo on the backend login page
    • Fixed visual elements to indicate that Tax details can be expanded on the order creation page in the backend
    • Fixed the CMS page preview design
    • Fixed the newsletter template preview design
    • Fixed the Matched Customers grid design in the Email Reminder Rules
    • Fixed the theme version validation message displayed when creating a new theme
    • Fixed performance degradation during installation wizard execution
    • Fixed cron shell script
    • Fixed user login on the frontend, when the Redirect Customer to Account Dashboard after Logging option is set to No
    • Fixed errors in requests to shipping carrier (DHL International) when the shipping address contains letters with diacritic marks
    • Fixed invalid account creation date
    • Fixed displaying Product Alert links on product view page when the functionality is disabled
    • Fixed the absence of some bundle options when configuring a bundle product in the Shopping Cart on the frontend
    • Fixed the issue which allowed to view and cancel billing agreements belonging to another customer
    • Fixed the content spoofing vulnerability when Solr was used
    • Fixed a potential XSS vulnerability in customer login
    • Fixed RSS feed for categories containing bundle product(s)
    • Fixed inability to place an order with 3D Secure in Internet Explorer 10
    • Fixed inability to place an order with PayPal Payflow Link and PayPal Payments Advanced
    • Fixed integrity constraint violation in catalog URL rewrites
    • Fixed the absence of the error when a wrong website code is specified during a website creation
    • Fixed saving in the backend a new customer address, which contains new customer address attributes configured to be not visible on frontend
    • Fixed USPS shipping method in the checkout
    • Fixed placing orders with recurring profile items via PayPal Express Checkout
    • Fixed email template creation in the backend
    • Fixed the issue with default billing address being used instead of default shipping address during admin order creation
    • Fixed inability to choose DB as Media Storage
    • Fixed PHP issues found during the UI testing of the backend
    • Fixed shipping label creation for USPS Priority Mail Shipping methods
    • Fixed the issue which allowed to create customers with duplicate email
    • Fixed the abstract product block error in the tier price template getter
    • Fixed system message displaying in the backend
    • Fixed the "404" error on customer review page
    • Fixed autocomplete enabled on the admin login page
    • Fixed the 3D Secure iframe
    • Fixed the indicators of mandatory fields on the Package Extension page
    • Fixed product image scaling on the Compare Products page
    • Fixed product page design for products with the Fixed Product Tax attribute
    • Removed spaces between parentheses and numbers in the Cart, Wishlist, and Compare Products blocks
    • Fixed the message displaying the quantity for products found on the Advanced Search page
    • Fixed incorrect caching of locale settings and URL settings during web installation
    • Fixed inability to use a newly created store for admin user roles
    • Fixed absence of the Advanced Search field on the frontend, when the Popular Search Terms functionality is disabled
    • Fixed incorrect link to downloadable product(s) in the email invoice copy
    • Fixed customs monetary value in labels/package info for international shipments
    • Fixed importing for files with blank URL Key field on the store view level
    • Fixed table rate error message
    • Fixed frontend login without pre-set cookies
    • Fixed date resetting to 1 Jan 1970 after saving a design change in the admin panel in case date format is DD/MM/YY
    • Fixed CAPTCHA on multi-address checkout flow
    • Fixed view files population tool
  • GitHub requests:
    • Added support of federal units of Brazil with 27 states
    • Removed unused blocks and methods in Magento_Wishlist module
    • Support of alphanumeric order increment ids by the quote resource model
  • Themes update:
    • Responsive design improvements
  • Improvements in code coverage calculation:
    • Code coverage calculation approach for unit tests was changed from blacklist to whitelist

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